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1.   What is cryptography?
2.   How cryptography works?·         Encryption·         Decryption·         Cryptographic Process Notation 
3.  Ciphers·         Types of cipher·         DES Algorithm·         RSA Algorithm Secure protocols 1.     Transport Layer Secure Protocol 2.     Secure Sockets Layer Protocol

Network Security is one of the most researched domains in the computer world. Literally, a network refers to an interconnection of several things. Things can be HTTP servers or beads in a necklace. In computer terminology a network refers to an interconnection of computers or other devices for the primary purpose of exchanging data. For the first few decades of their existence, computer networks were primarily used by university researchers for sending e-mail, and by corporate employees for sharing printers. Under these conditions, security did not get lot of attention. But now, as millions of ordinary citizens are using networks for banking, shopping, and filing their tax returns, the growth of internet has brought network security into prominence. With thousands of persons trying to gain unauthorized entry into the networks with malafide intentions, network security has grown into a potentially massive problem and it has become a necessity to safeguard networks from such attacks. Network security is a broad topic and covers a large number of disciplines like firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, encryption, authentication etc…

Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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