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ECE Project Report And Seminar Topic On Data Logger

Abstract: As in the process control system it is very often required to record the various process parameters like temperature, pressure, flow, voltage, current, strain etc..And this parameter values will be used for maintaining the process control system automatically. Sensing and recording of physical parameters plays an important role in many industries. In the past analog devices were used for measurement of such parameters. A simple technique combining analog and digital circuit theory together with programming techniques has been used in this paper to design a temperature and pressure sensing system. The sensor’s analog signal is applied to a micro-controller based data logger for storage purposes. 
                                            The main objective of our project is to log and store the data and by using this data we can analyze the performance of the systems. Generally in any process industries along with the supervision of the parameters, analyzing the system performance is also an important task. 

The outputs of these sensors are given to microcontroller which is used for automation, Real time clock to find out date and time of occurrence of the incident, a permanent memory (EEPROM) for keeping the detail coming from the RTC. A key board and display unit is used for the user interface. The data logged is displayed on LCD. Here we are using micro switches as key board in order to set the time, temperature, pressure. And when the operator wants these details can be accessed using a key board and it will be displayed in the LCD display. This is a Electrical / Electronics project on Data Logger and the main objective of our project is to log and store the data and by using this data we can analyze the performance of the systems. In this project the physical quantities that we are measuring are temperature, pressure and liquid level. All the three parameters are sensed by using particular sensors, temperature is measured by using temperature transducer, pressure by using multi turn pot and liquid level is sensed by using limit switch. A Data logger is an electronic instrument used to take measurements from sensors and store those measurements for future use. This report includes the block diagram of the project, different types of data loggers, functional diagram, circuit diagram, full working, Complete microcontroller programming etc. You can easily build your own final year project from this document. 
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Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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