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Paper Presentation And Seminar Topic On Diamond Search For IT

Abstract: In video coding, block-based motion estimation plays a vital role for videocompression. There are few block matching algorithms existing for motionestimation and motion compensation. In this paper a three step diamondsearch algorithm is proposed. The performance of this algorithm iscompared with other algorithms by means of error metrics and number of search points. This algorithm achieves close performance with that of TSS.It uses less number of search points than TSS. When compared with originalDS algorithm, this algorithm requires less computation time and gives animproved performance.
Key words:
Block based motion estimation, Block matching algorithm, search pattern,Diamond search.
Motion estimation is atechnique used to reduce the temporal redundancy. It uses the correlation between the successive frames to predict the content of frames. In themotion estimation process the frame is divided into number of nonoverlapping areas known as blocks. Each block can be with a standard sizeof 16×16.The difference between the current frame and the predicted framecontents is calculated in motion estimation .In addition to motion estimation,some additional information’s are also needed to indicate any changes in the prediction process. This is known as motion compensation

Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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