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Digital Image Processing Paper Presentation And Power Point


The proliferation of data exchange on the Internet presents a challenge in the field of copyright protection, as the unauthorized duplication and distribution of multimedia data become easier. Digital watermarking has been proposed to solve the problem. However most image watermarking algorithms lose synchoronization under rotation, scaling and translation operations. Several papers have been published to address the problem. Most of them use methods in the Fourier transform domain. In this paper, we propose another approach utilizing circular Gaussian filters. Experimental results are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of our algorithm. In this paper, we present a RST resilient image watermarking algorithm using circular Gaussian filters. Instead of using spatial synchronization, we synchronize the watermark based on filtering results. The experimental results show the algorithm achieves robustness to rotation, scaling, translation and small amounts of cropping.

Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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