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Paper Presentation And PPT On NANOTECHNOLOGY

Nanotechnology is defined as fabrication of devices with atomic or molecular scale precision. The nanoscale marks the nebulous boundary between the classical and quantum mechanical worlds; thus promising to bring revolutionary capabilities. Fabrication of nanomachines, Nanoelectronics and other nanodevices will undoubtedly solve an enormous amount of the problems faced by the mankind.Nanotechnology was later expanded into nanosystems to find new frontiers in Molecular machinery, Manufacturing and Computation as a result of the exploration of Eric Dexler in much greater technical depth in his MIT dictorial dissertion. Computational methods play a key role in the field today because nanotechnologists can use them to design and simulate a wide range of molecular systems.TodayNanotechnology is currently in a very infantile stage. However, we now have the ability to organize matter on the atomic scale and there are already numerous products available as a direct result of our rapidly increasing ability to fabricate and characterize feature sizes less than 100 nm. Mirrors that don't fog, biomimetic paint with a contact angle near 180°, gene chips and fat-soluble vitamins in aqueous beverages are some of the first manifestations of nanotechnology.

Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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