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Paper Presentation And PPT On Bit Torrent

Torrent is a method for file sharing (commonly called download) via internet using a new peer to peer protocol. The conventional downloads commonly using the HTTP or FTP protocol which needs a server for placed the data. A torrent protocol not always using the server, a torrent can download data both from server and client. So it’s possible to download data from client when the server is down.Leeches:–
People who download files but do not share files on their own computer with others Seed or seeder:– A computer with a complete copy of a BitTorrent file (At least one seed computer is Necessary for a BitTorrent downloads to operate.) Swarm:- A group of computers simultaneously sending (uploading) or receiving (downloading)The same file torrent:- A pointer file that directs your computer to the file you want to download. Tracker: - A server that manages the BitTorrent file-transfer process

Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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