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Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Project Abstract: This work analyzes and discusses the current security environment of today's (and future) smartphones, and proposes a security model which will reduce smartphone vulnerabilities, preserving privacy, integrity and availability of smartphone native applications to authorized parties. For this purpose, we begin with an overlook of current smartphone security standards, and explore the threats, vulnerabilities and attacks on them, that have been uncovered so far with existing popular smartphones. We also look ahead at the future uses of the smartphones, and the security threats that these newer applications would introduce. We use this knowledge to construct a mathematical model, which gives way to policies that should be followed to secure the smartphone under the model. We nally discuss existing and proposed security mechanisms that can be incorporated in the smartphone architecture to meet the set policies, and thus the set security standards.
There are a few essential features that make the smartphone security need unique these are:
1 the smartphone is designed to be single-user, and there is no user login.
2 the smartphone provides services through independent server processes that are always on. They always run and are not attached to a user session. As long as power is supplied, the platform is always on, even if no user is logged on.
3 the smartphone, especially with its higher usability enhancements, is meant to be used by a large public with little technical understanding, when compared to a desktop.
4 the smartphone is an always-connected device, and security breaches in the smartphone will attack a network much larger than the device itself.
5 the smartphone has unique access to both cell communication and data network.
6 the smartphone is a constrained embedded device in terms or resources such as memory, processing and battery life.
7 the smartphone is designed to host several applications that leverage its portability, connectivity and usability.
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Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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