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Electrical Electronics And Communication Projects And Seminar Topics

Electrical, Electronics & Communication Projects And Seminar Topics List:

1) Virtual wireless dancing bells for classical dancers.
2) Touch screen based temperature monitoring and control system with graphical LCD.
3) Location driven car music player. (Plays devotional songs near temples, shuts at home etc.)
4) GPS based asset/vehicle/animal/child tracking system.
5) Microcontroller and Touch screen based wireless library book catalog system.
6) Touch screen based Nurse/attendant calling system for physically impaired.
7) Graphical LCD and Memory stick (MMC/SD card) based textbook reading system.
8) Mobile phone controlled four-legged walking robot with speed and direction control.
9) GPS based universal clock. Gets the time from satellites and displays on GLCD.
10) Microcontroller based online examination system with dynamic questions.
11) Digital vehicle speedometer with password enabled speed limit setting.
12) GPS based vehicle travel location-logging system. This System stores the traveler’s geographical location and speed at an interval of one second and is stored in to 1GB MMC/SD memory card.
13) Touch screen controlled motor speed and direction controlling system.
14) GSM based digital Notice board with display on Monitor or LCD display.
15) PIR based energy conservation system for corporate Computers and lighting system.
16) Remote control of critical software applications with mobile phone.
17) Microcontroller based dual Lithium-ion battery charger with automated charge and discharge cycles.
18) Virtual distance measuring tape with Graphical LCD. Very useful for roads and buildings department. One man operable and works on anywhere on earth.
19) Radio Frequency wireless remote controlled digital camera with high power LED based focusing light. The camera direction can be controlled remotely and the video images can be seen live on TV.
20) Wireless Speedo meter for boat/ship with speed and location limit alerts.
21) GPS based travel assistant for blind people.
22) Touch Screen based digital devices control system. This project is to build a Graphical LCD Touch Screen interface for switching electrical devices. The controlled devices can be of high voltage or low voltage.
23) GSM Mobile phone controlled intelligent Robot.
24) Automatic Intelligent Plant Watering System.
25) DC Motor Speed and direction control over GSM Mobile/Modem.
26) Mobile phone controlled Street Light monitoring and control system.
27) UPS battery monitoring system over GSM for high availability systems (banking/finance/medical etc).
28) Touch screen controlled lamp dimmer for next generation apartments.
29) Soil Moisture sensor based intelligent irrigation water pump controlling system with GSM technology.
30) DTMF mobile phone controlled dam water gates controlling system with high-level protection.
31) DC Motor Speed and direction control using RF/IR/Zigbee technologies.
32) Hazardous chemical valve control system with stepper motor and line of site remote control.
33) Contact less Motor speed monitoring on Graphical display with high and low speed alerts.
34) Liquid dispensing system with adjustable quantity for industrial use.
35) Password enabled pre-paid liquid/milk dispensing system.
36) Wireless Energy Meter monitoring system with automatic tariff calculation.
37) Data logger for energy meter with time and KWH readings. Very useful for historical data logging and analysis.
38) High voltage fuse blown indicator with Voice based announcement system.
39) Voice enabled devices switching for visually impaired.
40) RF transceiver (Zigbee/X-Bee) based energy meter monitoring system. (Energy Meter reading on PC over wireless comm.)
41) GSM based SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) implementation.
42) SCADA system design and construction for real-time electrical parameter monitoring and control.
43) Timer based Electrical Oven temperature monitoring and control for Metal Industries.
44) Timer based automatic power cutoff for industrial sealing/packaging machines.
45) GPS & GSM Based Car Security System.- Easy to find the stolen Car. Global Positioning System (GPS) has been used in various commercial applications including transportation, navigation and vehicle position tracking, which when coupled with GSM mobile phone technology; the technology can help locate stolen vehicle and retrieval process.
47) (GPS+GSM+Microcontroller) Standalone GPS Coordinates (Latitude,Longitude...) Locater.
48) GPS+Microcontroller+LCD) the purpose this project is to get the Latitude and Longitude from the satellites and display them on LCD display.
49) GPS & GSM Based Real-time Vehicle Tracking System.
50) This system locates the Vehicle on the earth by the use of GPS and sends the co-ordinates (Longitude & Latitude), Time and Vehicle speed to the owner of the vehicle using GSM Modem.
51) (GPS+GSM+Microcontroller) Microcontroller driven GPS Clock (GPS+Microcontroller+LCD)
this updates time (GMT) from satellites and displays on LCD.
52) GSM/Mobile/Cell Phone Based Device Monitoring and Control System - The purpose of this project is to Monitor and Control any Digital or Analog devices from your Cell Phone. This Project can be used to control up to 16 electrical devices. With this circuit you can switch-ON , OFF or Restart some Linux servers, ADSL modems, Printers, Door with electric lock, Irrigation Pump, Garage door, House lights, Water pumps, electric sunshade, Block the engine of your car or your motorcycle, at the steal case and much more. The purpose of this circuit is to make the human life better and easier.
53) (GSM Modem/Mobile/Cell Phone)+ Microcontroller) GSM Based Home Security System. Get intrusion alerts like door/windows open alerts onto your Cell Phone.
54) (GSM+Microcontroller) GSM Based Automatic Irrigation Water Controller System - The purpose of this project is to get SMS alerts whenever the electrical power status changes to ON or OFF. Use your mobile phone to switch on/off the water pump from any location in the world. (GSM Modem + Microcontroller + Electromagnetic Relays)
55) Automatic Intelligent Plant Watering System (Microcontroller + Rain Sensor)
56) Wireless Stepper Motor Controller (Radio Rx/Tx + Stepper Motor + Microcontroller)
IR Remote Stepper Motor Controller. Control stepper motor using TV remote. (IR Remote + Stepper Motor + Microcontroller)
57) RC5 IR Based Remote Device Switching (IR Remote + Microcontroller + Device Relays)
Digital Tachometer (Non-contact)
58) (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD)
59) Digital Frequency Meter (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD)
60) Digital Voltmeter (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD)
61) Real-time SCADA (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + PC Software)
62) Electrical Data(voltage,current,frequency etc..) Logger (SCADA) (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + MMC/SD Memory + PC Sortware)
63) Digital Multimeter (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD)
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Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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