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Quality Assessment Project Report For Computer Theory And Engineering

Title: Multi-Dimensional Visualization of Bioinformatics Tools Classification and Its Transformation – For Quality Assessment
Department Of Computer Theory and Engineering
About Project: In this paper a visualized standard model for classifying and categorizing the tools features and functionalities have been represented based on various analysis and study made on bioinformatics tools. Apart from this the model mainly involves the representing the set of tools classifications multi-dimensionally which could be transformed. Primarily the multi-dimensional representation is done in 3-D as a starting point and slowly incremental transformation is made towards n-dimension. This model has been carried out as a pre-primary evaluation on large set of similar functionality tools in order to reduce the number of tools for best usage. In section II we represent the ways for classifying and categorizing based on the detailed study made on tools. In section III sample set of ten bioinformatics tools have been taken for representing classification and categorization of the tools. Representation of visualized multi-dimension of tool classification has been represented and when transformation takes place is explained in section IV. Quality assessment schemes and the result have been narrated in section V.
Abstract: Bioinformatics aims at computing biology at molecular level where day to day discovery of enormous tools and techniques have been developed. These tools and techniques are involved in solving biological problem which involves data analysis and interpretation of accurate results. Some of the diverse analysis processes of theses developed tools are sequence analysis, functional analysis, structural analysis and similarity and homology analysis. In tools development various factors that are to be taken into consideration where quality plays a vital role from the view point of end users. Quality assessment of the tools is necessary before involving the tool utilization for major purpose. Assessment of tools quality has been considered based on the tools usage considering its features and functionalities. Tools evaluation by means of its features and functionalities is one of the major standards adopted. Visualized representation is more effective than any other modes of representation is profound one which have been adopted in this paper. A visualized model for tools classification and categorization based on its features and functionalities in multi-dimensional form have been symbolized. Here modes of tools classifications and categorization using its features and functionality multidimensional have been narrated. The adopted standard model will play vital role for pre-primary quality assessment for a large set of tools. Quality assessment is made on ten tools and results have been analyzed. The model adopted here is a standard which could be adopted for any tools in any area.
Index Keywords: Bioinformatics, Modeling, Multidimensional, Quality Assessment, Standards, Tools Evaluation.
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Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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