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Leather Technology And Technologist Seminar Topics And Books Online Free

Book for the Leather Technologist And Technology 
General remarks on the Raw material And Beam house.
The Below are the Online Free Books for the Leather Technologist / Technology:
Leather is part of our lives. It will stay that way. Tanning agents to process animal hides into leather is without a doubt one of the oldest skilled handicraft trades there is. To this day, this natural material has lost none of its fascination. Leather results from an organically grown material with individual characteristics. It is not produced in a factory according to standard parameters. And that is precisely where the challenge lies.
Raw skin - Read/Download
Rawstock - Read/Download
Commercial Classification of hides and skins - Read/Download
Curing and disinfection of raw hides and skins - Read/Download
Vessels for the beamhouse - Read/Download
Flow chart from raw stock to production of pelts - Read/Download
Soaking - Read/Download
Depilation, opening up the skin - Read/Download
Deliming - Read/Download
Bating - Read/Download
Degreasing - Read/Download
Pickling of pelts - Read/Download
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Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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