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Telecommunication (Telecom) Engineering Projects Seminar Topics

List of Telecommunication(Telecom) Engineering Projects And Ideas:
  1. Design for Synthetic Aperture Radar for Imaging Application
  2. Design of RFID Tag Antenna matched to Micro Chip
  3. Hardware Implementation of DICOM Standard Lossless Compression of Medical Images
  4. Cooperative MIMO Communications over Wireless Networks
  5. Mitigation of Scintillation Effects on GPS using MATLAB
  6. Human Identification Using Ear Recognition
  7. Face Gender Recognition in Humans
  8. Development of Nano-size Satellite CANSAT
  9. Development of Radio Frequency Direction Finders
  10. Investigation of RF emission sources and location
  11. Development of a Signal Disrupter
  12. Complex FIR Filter Design
  13. DNA classification using wavelet
  14. Design and implementation of voice recognition system
  15. Wall Crack Identification System using Matlab
  16. Simulation study of error rates in image transmission over 3G systems using different types of error control codes
  17. Improving voice quality in VoIP by using erasure correcting codes
  18. Hardware Implementation of Logic-Based Model Checking Edge Detector
  19. FPGA Realization of Backpropagation for Stock Market Prediction
  20. Design of a Transceiver for UWB Communication System
  21. Antenna Design for UWB Noise Commmunication and Radar Systems
  22. SIM Structure, File Structure and Communication Protocols of Mobile Phones
  23. Design and Development of Array Antenna for Adaptive Beam Forming
  24. Design and Simulation of Microwave Links in the Country
  25. Design of pulse Oximetry Monitor System
  26. Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  27. Bluetooth-enabled Thermal Sensor
  28. FPGA Realization of Fuzzy Wavelet Based Handwritten Character Recognition
  29. Implementation of data encryption and decryption using RSA algorithm for WAN/LAN channels
  30. Temperature Control Circuit for Surface Acoustic Wave Resonator
  31. Comparitive Study of Resonators for Biosensor
  32. Oscillator design using surface acoustic wave resonator
  33. Rate/Margin Maximization Algorithm for Adaptive Resource Allocation in Multiuser OFDM System
  34. Software based GPS receiver
  35. Signal Generator Circuit With Multiple Sensor Sources Features
  36. Contact-less Transmission of Signal Between Sensors and Conditioning Circuit
  37. Analysis of interference effects on period-to-digital conversions
  38. Single Photon Detection for Secure Communications using QKD
  39. Non-Linear optical devices for Secure Communications using QKD
  40. Developing Intelligent Agent for Medical Emergency System
  41. Enhancing Mobility Support for Integrated Car Alert and Monitoring System
  42. Dynamic Faceplate Recognizing System
  43. Wideband Signal Processing
  44. Control Channel Structure for Hybrid Distributed and Localized Allocation of Downlink OFDMA Systems
  45. Wireless Communication for Vehicle Safety
  46. Joint Time-Frequency Analysis Using Wavelet Transform
  47. QoS Analysis in WiMAX
  48. Implementing Data Logging with Wireless Sensor Networks
  49. Security Analysis in Wireless Networks
  50. Solar Panel battery charger
  51. Analysis of MEMS switches
  52. Design of Free Space Optical Communication Link
  53. Single Photon Detection for Quantum Key Distribution
  54. Modeling of Power MEMS technology amplifier
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Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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