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Civil Engineering Seminar Thesis On An Algorithm for Crew Scheduling Problem

Title: An Algorithm for Crew Scheduling Problem with Bin Packing Features.
Abstract: This thesis proposes a new approach for solving the traditional crew scheduling problem. The crew scheduling problem is solved with a bin packing approach in polynomial time. Based on the extensive research on the bin packing problem during the past 40 years, an algorithm that is proved to be the most efficient for solving most bin packing problems is selected and modified for application in the crew scheduling problem. A Modified Best-Fit-Decreasing Algorithm is proposed and discussed in this study. A case study is conducted using the proposed algorithm and the results are discussed.
                                   Study Background: This section presents a brief introduction to the transit bus system, the scheduling process of the transit system, and the importance of crew scheduling is described here. The Transit Bus System The transit system has become an essential part of our daily life, especially in large developed urban cities. It is been a supporting industry for the nation to meet the goals of improving mobility, protecting the environment and saving energy. The transit system includes a variety of transportation modes such as bus, railway, and ferry. Among these, the bus system plays a very critical role as it serves the largest number of customers in the transit system. A transit bus company uses two key resources for its service: vehicles and crews, and the object of this study is crew scheduling for the bus company. Many cities around the world are investing in public transport to increase its attractiveness and usage. Bus priority is encouraged in most countries. First, the bus system can greatly help reduce serious congestion in the network as the congestion cost is huge. By attracting a larger ridership on the bus, fewer private cars will appear on the road and this will help a lot to relieve the heavy traffic congestion, especially during the morning and afternoon peak hours. Second, the public bus system can help by saving a large amount of energy resources, such as gas. Less fuel will be consumed if more people are willing to take the bus system instead of using private cars.

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Keywords: Transportation, Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil crew scheduling problem
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Keywords: An Algorithm for Crew Scheduling Problem, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Seminar Topics, Civil Engineering Thesis, Civil Project Report, Civil Seminar Topics

Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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