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MSc Thesis in the Programme of Generating Climbing Plants Using L-Systems

The main propose of this novel method of procedurally generating climbing plants using L-systems. The goal of this research is to generate geometry and textures for 3D-modelers, where procedurally generated content is used as a base for the final design. The algorithm is fast and efficiently simulates external tropisms such as gravitropism, heliotropism and other pseudo-tropisms. The structure of the generated climbing plants is discretion into strings of particles expressed using L-systems. The tips of the plant extend the branches by adding particles in its path, forming inter-nodes. The tip holds the growth direction of an inter-node, and is affected by external factors such as scene objects and tropisms. A climbing heuristic has been developed that uses the environment as leverage when the plant is climbing, and effectively covers objects on which it grows. A fast method that sprouts leaves on the surface on which the plant is growing has also been eve loped, along with a heuristic that simulates the decrease in length, radius and leaf size. 

This thesis proposes a method of generating climbing plants procedurally using L-systems. An abstract of this thesis was published at the InternationalWorkshop on Advanced Image echnology, 2009. The research field of this paper is Functional Structural Plant Modeling and Computer Graphics. The L-system used is a graph grammar based language designed by Ole Kniemeyer. This is an abstract language which extends L-systems with a graph rewriting formalism called Relational Growth Grammars(RGG). The implementation of this language is called the XL programming language and is a derivative of Java. The software used for developing is called GroIMP and is an Open-Source implementation of the XL language. GroIMP’s features include the ability to export geometry, raytracing with PovRay and ray-mesh collision detection.

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Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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