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Computer Science Masters Project (MS) On Model Controller Interfacing

Title: Model Controller Interfacing using Struts-Based Web Application 
Abstract: StrutsHib IDE is an IDE for interfacing the model and controller of a MVC architecture based applications. It is developed using Java-based technologies such as the Struts framework, Hibernate and jQuery. The StrutsHib IDE is a web application. This project implements the part of StrutsHib IDE that makes it easy to create model and controller components. Moreover, it automates the process of database creation for web applications which means the user does not have to be a database expert when dealing with databases. Finally, StrutsHib IDE takes all the advantages of a web-based application and provides lot of flexibility to the users. Introduction There are number of Integrated Development Environments (IDE) available on the market, for example: JDeveloper, JCreator, NetBeans and Eclipse which provide the environment to develop Java-based applications.
                                         However, these IDEs are desktop-based applications. Moreover, users have to make sure that these IDEs are properly installed and configured on their machine before start using them, which takes a significant amount of effort and time. Even using a properly installed IDE takes time to load. In addition, the user has to take the hassle of managing the project workspace himself; and can lose the work if this workspace accidentally gets corrupted. A web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides the user the ability to build an application quickly without doing much hand-coding. The client only needs a web browser and an internet connection. The client browser downloads the IDE from the server. The server enables the client to access prior code saved in the database or create new projects. A web-based IDE overcomes the inconvenience involved in installing and configuring a standard desktop-based IDEs. The most exciting benefit of using a webbased IDE is that, with so many new PDAs and smart phones which support Java and Ajax technologies on the market, programming tasks can be performed anywhere, anytime, and even while traveling.
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Keywords: Computer Science, M.Sc Computer Science Thesis, Master of Science (MS), Master's Project, Model-Controller Interfacing, Web Based Projects

Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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