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Computer Science (CSE) And Information Technology (IT) Project Report On Medical Image Processing

Title: Speckle Noise Reduction in Ultrasound Images by Wavelet Thresholding based on Weighted Variance
Abstract: This In medical image processing, image denoising has become a very essential exercise all through the diagnose. Arbitration between the perpetuation of useful diagnostic information and noise suppression must be treasured in medical images. In general we rely on the intervention of a proficient to control the quality of processed images. In certain cases, for instance in Ultrasound images, the noise can restrain information which is valuable for the general practitioner. Consequently medical images are very inconsistent, and it is crucial to operate case to case. This paper presents a wavelet-based thresholding scheme for noise suppression in ultrasound images. Quantitative and qualitative comparisons of the results obtained by the proposed method with the results achieved from the other speckle noise reduction techniques demonstrate its higher performance for speckle reduction.

Medical images are usually corrupted by noise in its acquisition and Transmission. The main objective of Image denoising techniques is necessary to remove such noises while retaining as much as possible the important signal features. Introductory section offer brief idea about different available denoising schemes. Ultrasonic imaging is a widely used medical imaging procedure because it is economical, comparatively safe, transferable, and adaptable. Though, one of its main shortcomings is the poor quality of images, which are affected by speckle noise. The existence of speckle is unattractive since it disgrace image quality and it affects the tasks of individual interpretation and diagnosis. Accordingly, speckle filtering is a central pre-processing step for feature extraction, analysis, and recognition from medical imagery measurements. Previously a number of schemes have been proposed for speckle mitigation.
Keywords : Medical imaging, Speckle noise, Ultrasound images, Wavelet Thresholding

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Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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