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CSE And IT Project Thesis On IR Remote Room Light Switch

Title: Programmable Infrared Remote Light Switch 

Abstract: This Project Thesis is all about in a world plagued by the relentless evolution of technology, one must accept such a dominant force for the increasingly necessary society-altering ingredient that it is. Humans, being the rationally thinking breed that they are, choose paths that ultimately suit best their individual needs. Busy modern western societies inflate the value of the individual’s time to the point where conscious efforts are made in order to reduce the time spent on habitual tasks. One such example is that of the television remote control. This device was invented primarily for the purpose of lessening the discomfort associated with changing the station. Suppose now that the viewer also fancies the room lighting state being inverted. One could argue that the remote control is superfluous in this case. My thesis deals directly with this problem. My solution was to build a device that allows the viewer to toggle the room lighting via their remote control. It must have the capacity to support all available brands of remote. There are numerous signal code modulations throughout the range of modern remotes, and likewise there are many buttons on each remote, each having a slightly different code to any other - so obviously, pre-storing these codes into my device was out of the question. Hence, the device must have the ability to learn any button from any remote.

Motivation:Without question, we’re in the age of the technological revolution; consumers are continually demanding innovations with current technology standards. Neoclassical economists maintain that humans subconsciously choose paths that will best suit their own selfish needs. Ongoing consumer demand for improvements to existing technologies is the source of this need for innovation. Behind their greed for new and improved tools is the ingrained economic strive for simplicity. Much the same as the CEO electing to retrench an area of his staff in favour of a more efficient robot, the introduction of a radical technological appliance will eventually make its predecessor redundant. Remote task handling is an invasive domain that advances in modern technology directly serve. In almost everything we do, humans are forever searching for shortcuts that will make the costs associated with performing that task minimal.
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Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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