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Civil EngineeringSeminar Topic On Web-based Project Management Techniques

Title: Applying Web-based Project Management Techniques to Dredging Projects. 
Abstract: Project management is the mechanism by which stakeholders and contractors interrelate to deliver sound projects effectively, and it utilizes a set of standards with which the project manager (PM) will meet project requirements. Within the dredging industry today, there are obvious problematic issues which arise during dredging projects that are crucial to confront and resolve.
                         The success of a dredging project depends upon an optimal flow of project information to the project stakeholders. The logistics of dredging project information management demand an information system capable of delivering project information in real time over multiple geographic locations from the very concept of the project to its completion. Traditional project information distribution systems are limited in numerous ways, including the lack of real-time information delivery. Applying webbased technologies to implement real-time information delivery brings new opportunities to the dredging industry and leverages the management of dredging projects functions and processes. The application of web-based technology enables the collection, processing, and distribution of project information that enables project functions to be implemented at all levels of project management in real time. The Real Time Project Management (RTPM) concepts take advantage of the Web-based Project Management Application (WPMA) to deliver real-time project information to dredging project stakeholders.

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Keywords: Engineering, Civil, Dredging, Management, Web-based Project Management.
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Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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