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M.Sc Chemical Engineering Seminar Thesis Report On A CATION EXCHANGE COLUMN ELUATE BUFFER

Abstract: A comprehensive model for calculating pH and conductivity values for a buffer solution added to the eluate of a cation exchange column at Bayer Healthcare has been developed. Bayer Healthcare's Berkeley facility manufacturess Kogenate - a drug for Hemophilia. This project was carried out at one of the intermediate purification steps of Kogenate, where the pH and conductivity of a buffer solution added to a chromatographic column's eluate has to be critically adjusted. Currently this process is done manually and requires two operators. In order to reduce the manual labor as well as improve accuracy, an automation model was developed using feedback control and Bayer's pH and conductivity predicting empirical correlations.
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Bayer manufactures Kogenate, a drug used to treat hemophilia at the Berkeley, CA facility. Kogenate is recombinant factor VIII (rFVIII) used for treatment of Hemophilia A. rFVIII is produced by culture of mammalian cells derived from the BHK cell line (Baby Hamster Kidney, originating from the Syrian hamster) transfected with the human rFVIII gene. Kogenate is manufactured and purified at Bayer’s Berkeley facility. The experimental work for this project was carried between one of the intermediate purification steps where pH and conductivity of the product are required to be adjusted to a particular range. The details of the pH and conductivity adjustment process are given in the latter part of this chapter. The purification process of Kogenate is explained in the following paragraphs. Purification of Kogenate is divided into eight steps described as follows. Figure 1.1 shows a schematic of the entire process: 
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Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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