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M.Sc Computer Science (CSE) Thesis On Performance Evaluation of Magnetic Resonance Images Coding

Title: Performance Evaluation of Magnetic Resonance Images Coding Using Shape Adaptive Discrete Wavelet Transform. 
Abstract: Region based coding is an important feature in today’s image coding techniques as it follows different regions of the image will be encoded at different bit rates and hence at different qualities rather than encoding the entire image with a single quality constraints. This paper evaluates the features of using Shape Adaptive Wavelet Transform for the region based coding of the brain magnetic resonance images, in which the brain part will be encoded with more importance than the background. Shape Adaptive Discrete Wavelet Transform (SA-DWT) can transform the regions of interest and the background on the images independently and the coefficients can be encoded by using the SPIHT coding at different levels. This algorithm was compared with the existing wavelet based coding techniques and a better PSNR was achieved for the same bit rate by reconstructing the region of interest with high quality than the background. Keyworkds: Medical Image compression, Magnetic Resonance Images Coding, Shape adaptive wavelet transform, SPIHT coding.
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Recent advances in medical imaging technology lead to a tremendous increase in the use of volumetric medical images for diagnosis. As a result, huge volume of medical image data is generated in hospitals everyday and these needs to be stored for diagnosis and future follow up. Also in telemedicine, there is a need for the transmission of medical images for off-site consultation and diagnosis at faster rate with minimumbandwidth. Hence the compression of medical images plays a vital role for effective storage and transmission. Lossy compression schemes are not generally used for medical image compression so as to avoid any loss of clinically significant information, which may affect diagnosis. Region based compression can provide a better solution for this by coding the regions of interest with lossless coding and the background lossy. Such hybrid schemes can give better compression compared to the lossless schemes and also maintain the quality of the image.
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Keywords: M.Sc Computer Science Thesis, Magnetic Resonance Images Coding, Medical Image compression, Medical Project Report, Medical Thesis Project Report, Shape adaptive wavelet transform, SPIHT coding

Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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