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Wireless Multi-Hop Networks with Multiple Antennas (ECE / EEE) Project

Title: An Adaptive Mac Protocol for Wireless Multi-Hop Networks with Multiple Antennas
Master of Science: Department of Electrical Engineering.
Project Intro: This thesis consists of seven chapters. The rest of the thesis is organized as follow. In Chapter 2, we introduce the MIMO channels and the properties of it, Array Gain, Diversity Gain, Spatial Multiplexing and Interference Reduction. In Chapter 3, we present the current MAC protocols, specify the IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol, and point out the hidden node and exposed node problems with it. In Chapter 4, we 2 introduce the different scenarios in using MIMO links. Chapter 5 proposes the new adaptive MAC protocol, AMTA-MAC, and presents the basic structure, operation and analysis under different situations. In Chapter 6, we simulate the proposed AMTA-MAC protocol, and compare the results with IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol and MIMA-MAC protocol. In Chapter 7, we present conclusions. 
Abstract: Radio links that use multiple antennas at both transmitter and receiver sides are referred to as Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) links. MIMO links are known to provide multiplicative increase in capacity and spectral efficiency by simultaneously transmitting multiple independent data streams in the same channel. However, current medium access control (MAC) protocols can’t fully exploit the bandwidth and capacity of the MIMO links. In this thesis, we present a new MAC protocol, Achieving Maximum Transmit Antenna MAC (AMTA-MAC), which can fully utilize the feature of MIMO links to achieve better performance in terms of fairness and throughput. We implement the AMTA-MAC protocol in the network simulator ns-2 for a system with two antennas. Simulation results show that the AMTA-MAC outperforms the throughput of IEEE 802.11 and MIMA-MAC and mitigates the unfairness problem of IEEE 802.11.
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Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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