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Electronics (ECE) Project Report On GPS for Environmental Management

This is a Electronics And Electrical (ECE & EEE) Project Report On GPS For Environmental Management
Project Summary: The digital revolution combined with the progressing communication theory brought tremendous advancements in information revolution. Even if there are problems with the present GPS system it offers a credible service to both high end and low end users. There are also a variety of techniques available to correct the pitfalls. As of now the present research in the field is to reduce the cost, increase the accuracy. It also aims at reducing the weight and to clear the line of sight between GPS receiver and four satellites. Satellite based navigational aid •Guide by 24 satellites round the globe in 6 orbits •3D positioning and time •Type of terrain and weather does not effect positioning •Cheap and precise operating equipment • Inherent error correction mode •A variant of GPS , DGPS has already been introduced.
ABSTRACT: In the beginning of the 19th century we had the industrial revolution, in the middle of the 20 th century we have the digital revolution, and in the dawn of the 21st century we have the communication revolution. The major innovation which upturned the communication revolution is the artificial satellite. Generally satellites use the latest technology for communication, remote sensing, weather forecasting and the like.Global positioning system, usually called GPS are used to communicate with satellites and with receivers in the different parts of the world. This seminar aims to throw light into the technical details, advantages, pitfalls and major application areas of the GPS systems. You can Also Subscribe to PROJECTSWORLDS Via E-mail for more project updates.

Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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