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Mechanical Thesis and Project on Topology Optimization of Gear Shifter

Title: Topology Optimization of Gear shifter Housing and Contact Benchmarks
Project Intro: In automotive component design criteria such as weight, strength, stiffness, manufacturing cost are sensitive issues for boosting its performance which in turn has direct impact on fuel economy and cost.This project deals with the design of gear shifter housing for Volkswagen car by using modern topology optimization techniques to the existing design. gear shifter housing holds the shifting mechanism and guides the lever to select the respective gear for different speed. Optimizing the design in terms of topology, material and structural is very important in arriving at practical solution.Topology optimization of gear shifter housing has been performed by using Altair Hyper WorkdsV10.0, Optistruct in which an optimization has been setup for improving the strength and stiffenss of the component for maintaining ts mechanical performance during its service by reducing the volume of a material by choosing the conceptual material layout of the material result from Optistruct and fine tuning it by using engineering decision for achieving better results.Topology optimization for contact problems has been challenging since several years for getting the best material layout for two bodies in contact in comparison of two software. To determine the optimum material layout distribution of material within the component with given set of loads and boundary conditions by placing a constrain on volume by minimizing sum of weighted compliance as well as maximizing lowest eigen value frequency. The process starts by applying loads to the gear shifter and constraining it in all directions thereby making the gear shifter a stiff design which can withstand loads from all direction. Boundary conditions play a major role in designing the component geometry.
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Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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