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Electronics Biomedical Project Wireless Electrocardiogram

Thesis For B.Sc Electrical Engineering
ABSTRACT: This document contains the development of an amplifier for an ECG-signal and interfacing it to wireless communication. The purpose of this project is to get a clear ECG-signal without any noise, save it and send it through wireless communication. A challenge of the wireless communication unit is to send as little information as possible to make the communication faster, without loss of information in the ECG-signal. The context for this project is the integration of wireless communication in medical applications for home healthcare. This means that, patients are no longer bound to a specific healthcare location where they are monitored by medical instruments. Wireless communication will not only provide them with safe and accurate monitoring, but also the freedom of movement.
Project Summary: This document contains five main chapters: the introduction, the theoretical background, method, results and conclusion. The introduction contains a description of the ECG-wave, with the necessary information about times and voltage levels of the different waves in the ECG-signal. The reader can also find some information on how to apply the electrodes onto the body and ECG-history. At the beginning of the theoretical background the reader can find information about amplification of the ECG-signal, the circuit and the description of any block in it. This part is very important because the ECG-signal is very weak and to be able to show the signal on a screen or grid paper it is necessary to amplify it to an acceptable voltage level. In the second part of the theoretical background the reader can find the description and characteristics of the products used for the wireless communication, including the wireless sensor nodes and the programs used to program that nodes. And in the appendices the reader can find the description of the program used to make the wireless communication. The method chapter contains the description of how to make the board for the ECG-signal amplification, explaining the programs and the instruments used in this project. The results chapter contains all the results of the tests that were made to the amplifier circuit and a comparison between the theoretical values and the real ones.
In the conclusion chapter the reader can find the calculations of the errors in the
instrumentation amplifier and the operational amplifier. The reader can also find the description of interference and noise affecting the circuit.
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Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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